Vaccination Required:

As per the direction from the Western Australian Government, as of 31st January 2022 anyone aged 16 years and over will be required to show proof of being double vaccinated to enter our venue.
Please be respectful towards our team, we are complying with the WA Governments proof of vaccination mandate. Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Thank you for your continuous support, we look forward to welcoming you at Will St.


The journey is only just beginning.

Diners at Will St. can expect to experience everything from a curated collection of traditional Asian share dishes to fun bar snacks that offer creative cross-cultural twists to food found on Will Meyrick’s journeys. Beverages will include classic western cocktails with spicy eastern notes, and quality wines from around the globe.


Because food is becoming the new travel.

Will St. is not only the result of all the expertise and knowledge gained from Will Meyrick’s 20 years of running restaurants in Asia, it is the collection of all the stories he has gathered, like putting pen to plate in a diary of all his travels.