Smoke, Spice, and All Things Nice


Margaret River’s Meaty Wonderland

The Farm House is a labor of love, a family-owned butchery and smokehouse that prides itself on its commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients exclusively from Western Australia’s most conscientious farmers. Their dedication to using only free-range and grass-fed animals of traditional breeds ensures that every bite is a testament to the region’s natural bounty.

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During his visit, Will Meyrick had the privilege of being guided by Ryan Walsh, the Director of The Farm House, who unveiled the heart of their operation. I witnessed the intricate preparation process behind their diverse charcuterie range and, of course, couldn’t resist sampling the delicious results.

Arkady lamb

Arkady Lamb originated in Margaret River in the early 2000’s by regional wine and food pioneer David Hohnen. Its focus was on quality and consistency which was achieved through the dual pillars of single origin sourcing and attention to breeding stock.

The lambs are born and raised in open high rainfall paddocks sheltered by large stands of natural
Jarrah timber. When the lambs reach weaning age they are moved to paddocks of specially grown
fodder to graze during spring and early summer. As these paddocks begin to dry over summer, the
lambs are then able to graze green feed on large salt marsh basins adjoining the natural creek lines.

Will Meyrick has chosen the Arkady Lamb from the Farm House Margaret River collection for the menu at Will St



sesame sauce , egg yolk, tare & togarashi