A Quirky Quest for the Perfect Wine


a pionneer in Margaret River

Rosabrook Vineyard, with its picturesque history, was once home to daring dairy farmers who tamed these wild lands back in the 1930s. Fast forward to today, and those same clearings have blossomed into some of the region’s finest vineyards. And what’s not to love about pioneers in both dairy and wine?

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Rosabrook Chardonnay, 2020

When you think of pairing, it’s often a tale of two stars, both shining in their right but creating magic when together.

Just like the intertwined histories of the daring farmers of yesteryears and the modern vineyards they gave birth to, some dishes and wines just belong together.

Enter the Rosabrook Chardonnay. This wine, with its vibrant notes of citrus and the subtle warmth of roasted cashew, is much like a story waiting to unfold on your palate.

And what better to accompany this tale than our menu’s offerings? The fresh brininess of the oysters, the creamy butteriness of the scallop, and the citrus undertones of our char-grilled trout – these are dishes that not only stand strong on their own but also find a harmonious dance partner in the Chardonnay.